Hi, I'm Mark

I am a freelance photographer based in the North West of the United Kingdom. My photography passion started in secondary school, photographing events with the camera that the school owned. I quickly caught the 'shutter bug' and decided that photography was the career path I wanted to follow.

On leaving secondary school I went on to college to complete a qualification in photography. This enabled me to understand the technical side of not only creating images but also editing them too.

My aim was to follow this course up with a university degree to back up my hard work over the previous two years at college but that plan soon changed when I was introduced to a renowned local photographer.

I was taken on board, into an apprenticeship type role. This taught me valuable lessons not just in photography but in the general business side of operations. During this time I was able to gain knowledge in a professional environment. Over the years - I became confident in the profession, being given the opportunity to explore a variety of photographic genres.

Those lessons I will never forget as they have enabled me to develop my own style of photography today.

Now working independently, I have been able to use my experience in the industry to work for an array of clients from local to national level.